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Impressed as anybody at someone giving birth but also shocked with the lack of communication with the birth clinic staff before, during and after the birth.

However, as I know the story has a happy ending it's OK but poor you as at this stage (ie. where you left off in your post). You have no idea why Shuma has to go to the hospital, you're exhausted and 'by yourself'. I think I would have been in hysterics if it was me.


Wow and a half, Amy! That is one hell of a birth story - glad that there is a happy ending and thanks for sharing! I read mine again the other day on Jake's third birthday - it is such a nice record to keep, but I must say that although I thought Jake's birth was dramatic....your story beats mine hands down. It is amazing how every birth can be so different - I had a very active labour with lots of screaming and moaning, I was constantly moving and the absolutely last thing I wanted to do was lie down on my side, but when pushing towards the end I was told to bear down and not scream as that lets too much energy out, it was a bit quieter I think....Looking forward to part two as well and I've been enjoying the Shuma pics on flickr too!! Congrats again! Oh and otsukaresama!!!


I just watched that not-so-good movie 'Baby Mama', starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I thought the natural birthing steps they did in the movie were exaggerated and fake, but when you wrote about the perennial tear you suffered, I instantly thought of the part of the movie where they talk about rubbing olive oil over your perineium months before-hand to make the skin there pliable and loose.

I guess 'rubbing oil over your taint' had some truth to it afterall.!


Oh dear, so much work and pain! I've been reading your blog for such a long time only to somehow miss out on it for the last year. Reading about your son's birth a couple of weeks back was a complete surprise for me and I had to make sure to read all of the previous entries that I missed - big big congratulations to you and Hideaki!
MY son's birth four years ago was a lot easier despite him getting stuck head out in the birth canal - I was already so tired and had to push again to get him further out... Strange thing is that that part didn't hurt a lot at all! And yes, there are always some things that surprise us before, during or just after child birth. Not always nice things... Soon forgotten thankfully.
(I hope the rip has been healing nicely; at least the natural rips are supposed to heal better then the ones done by the doctors!)


this was a great post, thank you for sharing!


Hi Amy,

What a wonderful and honest account of giving birth :) I had my son down here in Gifu (almost 4 years ago now) and a number of the things you mentioned, I also experienced :(

At the time I was also pretty disillusioned about the whole process but you'll be pleased to know that a lot of it slowly fades out of memory...

Enjoy your gorgeous little man and allow yourself time to heal both mentally and physically. Can't wait to hear more :)



Thank you so much for posting...I've been checking your blog daily since you gave birth to that darling little boy...worrying but patiently waiting. My dream is to one day be a mom and your post brought me to tears. Thank you so much...


wow amazing story, and very emotional. having just given birth 2 months ago it brings back the experience, albeit those midwives sound abit...different in their techniques...hands inside? never heard of that, and pressing on belly to help along? wow. Yuo did really well and amazingly all natural with not even an ounce of gas! incredible


Thanks for sharing! There aren't any babies in the future for me but this was very insightful. He's a beauty, congratulations :)


I really enjoyed your post, it sounds a lot like my experience. Instead of feeling like a warrior like my MIL told me I would, I felt so very weak and small. I slunk away from my hospital with my tail between my legs. Can't wait for the next installment.


What an amazing story. I can't wait for the next part. Props to you for being so honest on your blog. Well done on giving birth to your little man!! Hope you are healing well :)

Sedan Service in D.C

Oh dear, so much work and pain!

Bethany V

Thank you for your explicit birth story. I've been a reader of your blog for awhile now, and since I am 8 months pregnant this is very good to read. I live in the US and am planning a home birth with a nurse midwife (something most folks around these parts think is crazy). It's nice to hear an account of a real birth complete with all the painful details, to help prepare myself. Thank you.

Melissa Spangenberg-Endo

Beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing..now rest up and Enjoy the delights of Shuma. Love to all your family.


Amazing story so far - thank you for posting. I gave birth here in Tokyo a couple of weeks after you and it's fascinating to see the similarities/differences in experiences. Hope family life is wonderful!


Wow, that's some good birth control right there. Hands inside of you?! EEeek! I can't wait to find out what happens next. Even knowing Shuma is okay, I'm still kind of worried to find out how he does in the hospital. Congratulations on your birth and beautiful baby boy!


I love hearing all the details, that's just an amazing story, thank you so much for sharing it! There are no babies for me in the past or future either, so I live vicariously through others. Best wishes for the future!


I really enjoyed reading this post. Its the best account of a childbirth I have read because it is honest with a HUGE dose of good natured humour that goes to show what a wonderful person you are at heart. You will be such wonderful awsome parents! Congratulations on your new bundle of blessings Shuma James and we look forward to reading your next post.


Thank you for sharing such a personal/memorable experience. I have three children and nothing went the way I wanted it to during all three births. You have described the experience of giving birth perfectly (they don't get any easier either) and I was very sad to read the end of the posting, I did't know if there was someone you trusted to stay with you to act as your advocate once your hubby and baby went to the hospital. I hope everything went well and you're enjoying life as new parents. Sending you best wishes!


Thanks Amy for sharing this nice post. My heart goes with you as I read the last sentences of this post. But next is the smiling pic of Shuma in the previous post so I am very happy for you and your family.


Yes, nothing but wow. If this happened to guys there would be a lot fewer kids.


Such a beautiful baby ! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us. Please do tell how it evolves :)...


Amy, I can relate with your disallusionment too. I have two toddlers now, but back when it was my first birth, I went to a midwife. In my last month of pregnancy, that midwifery was temporarily shut down and I was forced to find another place to go. It was a challenge-especially since my Japanese was so poor and my husband was working like a dog. The birthing was quite difficult-being alone for most of the labor, tearing, insensitive nurses, and misunderstandings. But I guess we all have a story! Reading yours reminds me I need to write mine down too. Thanks so much!


congratulations, it's a beautiful story, can't wait for part two

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